I'm a skier and among Mother Nature is where i feed my soul and express myself.
My name is Giulia Monego, I'm Italian and I am a professional skier. I'm an outdoor lover with endless enthusiasm to find new challenges to enjoy and prove myself; skiing or climbing, anything involving snow, rock and ice, are my favorites activities. Throughout the years, with motivation and efforts this beautiful lifestyle became my dream job which I proudly consider the best in the world!
You can follow me also on the social medias and on my professional website Mountain Specialists
With this website and few words I would like to share my thoughts, inspire others to follow their dreams and to live life at its fullest. Also I would like to thank all the people that through sponsorship and support have been helping me thought the years to live my dream.
A special thanks to Black Diamond, Kästle, Scarpa, Smith and Pieps that are believing in me!

Pebax Powered video

In the fall I got involved in this cool video making for a commercial of Pebax, the plastic material that Scarpa is using to make some of my favorite boots, the Gea RS and the new Freedom RS.

It was a fun experience and another valuable project to connect with new professionals both in the mountains and in the video making field. Thanks to Scarpa and Arkema for the opportunity. Check my video segment or the entire commercial here.

Black Diamond


After a couple of years of support with technical gear as ice axes crampons, and all the climbing tools that I generally need in the mountains I'm incredibly grateful and delighted to announce that Black Diamond has become my partner also for the apparel. I'm happy to wear their technical clothes in the harshed conditions, test them and give them my best feedback. On top of the apparel, backpacks, JetForce and all the most exciting climbing gear will be my best companion from now on. I'm really excited and proud of this change even if I will never forget the support and opportunity that The North Face has given me in the past. Thanks to all, for letting me live THE DREAM! BlackDiamond

Turns 'n Curves 2015 film

The last film creation from Endlessflow, is about my personal experience of last winter.

Turns & Curves - Giulia Monego from Bjarne Salén on Vimeo.

Cham Lines Hors Série

Cham Lines S2 EP5

Mountain Specialists


After years of teaching skiing in Verbier with Powder-Extreme, last winter I decided to move my base to Chamonix, only one hour away, but in a very different Country and mountain range.

I've always been in love with these mountains and since 2004 I've been skiing regularly here, made new ski partner and get after some of the best ski lines ever. The terrain is what made me the "ski-mountaineer" I am now and inspired me to start the Mountain Guide formation. If all goes well next summer I will be guiding as an aspirant guide, in Chamonix and Italy, and I will be starting to create my own list of favorite clients. With this idea in mind and few new ideas gather together with Paolo Belletti, we decided to start a group of independent ski instructors and mountain guides to work under the same name in Chamonix. Mountain Specialists was born. With the spirit of selling a high quality products, combining the values of a ski instructor and the knowledge of a guide, we think that we can take care of any skier, with different level and with different focus. Specific courses or classic private lessons, ski touring of heliskiing, at Mountain Specialist we offer the product that fulfill the desire of any person on that specific day!

So I'm proudly presenting you my new business website: Mountain Specialists



I've been using Pieps for many years now, and with every season, I notice how their products has been always on the top of the market in terms of reliability, innovation and performance, which are important qualities when we are talking about first aid avalanche kit. The safety in these years has been my number on e priority and avalanche risks has always been a big nightmare to deal with many days of the season. Having a trustworthy kit in my backpack and knowing well how to use it, has given me more piece and confidence, helping me to focus on the outside evaluation of the snow and slopes in order to have the best skiing experience. Skiing powder is the best feeling in the world! but coming back to tell your friends how was it, is even better!! Stay safe out there and be prepared! Pieps




Summits4Kids is a non-profit association born from the will to make a little difference in the inequalities of today's world.

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