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Grand Teton National Park

Kit Des Lauriers and her husband Rob, are amazing skiers and locals to these mountains. Kit which is my team mate in the The North Face team was immediately excited of the idea to come skiing with me and showing me around her playground. Kit has skied the Grand already few times, but she's always motivated for some extra adventure time in the mountains in between her amazing mum job!

When i first arrived here, it took me few days to get acclimatize to the new environment, to the elevation and to get over the jet leg, but the weather has been pretty unstable which gave me more time to do all that with no stress.

We have pretty cold temperatures and this morning i even woke up with big snow flakes and few centimeters of fresh in the backyard. We imagine that in the mountains it's snowing a lot, which means 2 things: one good outcome is that we will might ski some powder, and the environment will be amazingly beautiful, closer to a winter ascent than a spring one. The second outcome is less positive: all the new snow on top of the consolidated snow pack will mean possible unstable conditions, which we will have to take in consideration on the schedule planning.

I personally feel pretty positive when looking at a 3 days of good weather window coming this next week, so i still stay focused and fit, trying to increase our chance of success.

On Thursday I've already had a first glimpse of the mountain, when Kit, Chris Figenshau and I went to cash some gear closer up to the glacier. Here, the approaches are pretty long, even if never really steep, but the total vertical drop and milage to cove from the car to the top is surely more comfortable if split in 2 days, especially if the weather holds and give no rush.

While waiting for the weather to clear i'm loving the hikes in the park, the wildlife watching and the indoor climbing. Kit's family has been amazingly welcoming and generous with me, so i couldn't feel any more comfortable as where I am!
Stay tuned for more skiing adventure, coming soon!









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