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INDIA Himachal Pradesh expedition


In the meanwhile, in the month of March i was in India where i was involved in a ski mountaineering The North Face expedition, in the Himachal Pradesh region.
The goal of this trip was to attempt a first ski descent of the White Sail (6451m), an insanely beautiful peak in the remote Himalayan range of the Parbati region, near the city of Manali. Here you can see the first blog about the trip wrote by the expedition leader Hilaree O'Neill. The other members of the trip were Jonny Collinson, Emilio Previtali and photographer Chris Figenshau. Plus we had 2 members of Sherpas Cinema with us shooting for Into the Mind ,the new 2 years project movie coming out in the fall 2013: Jay Trusler and Anjin Herndon.
Thank you all for a great adventure!

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