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Turns 'n Curves: video episodes 2013

When I first met Bjarne Salen, the Endlessflow cameraman and editor, I was obviously skiing. I had no idea of what he was doing for living. It was few years ago, on a regular ski-tour day in Chamonix, with friends in search of good snow and good skiing. Bjarne followed us for a while on the climb up, then turned around and film the descent from across the valley. That day not only a little clip was born, but, most importantly, our collaboration that would have start only few years later with this filming project.
The idea behind these video episodes is to bring on the screen a different style of skiing, done in a professional way but led by the pure passion and love of being in the mountains, in order to inspire and amuse the public and make them feel part of a big community of great people that call themselves SKIERS. My skiing style today combines a lot of different backgrounds. I look for technical ski lines, where sometimes it’s involved exposed climbing and rope work necessary. I like the steep, narrow lines that carve the mountains. I have an alpine racing style spiced up with a freeskier knowledge of reading the terrain. I adapt my technique to the snow kind and to the involvement of the descent.

All this mixture of skills is what makes a ski-mountaineer, and that’s who I am and what I love doing. With these videos I’d like to take you with me around the Alps, in some of my favorite resorts that host some of the best skiing of Europe. They are all special places to me, that inspire me and thrill me, but at the same time make me feel at home like no other houses can. Spending the days with Bjarne and other friends, at each time different, made this whole project a social and fun adventure that I would start immediately over again.


When life unfolds the way it does, it’s often cause of decisions making and people that influenced you in different way along the path. I’d like to think that who I became now, is mostly thank to a place, for how it was an eye opener and evolved my life and skiing. Verbier is where I call home right now, where I feel I have a story, a present and a future. The people I met here, whom inspired me and motivated me, showed me around the terrain that the mountains had to offer and which make me the skier I am now. Here I feel as professional as I can be; loving what I do, my profession and my hobbies and committed to do better year after year. Here I’ve found good friends and job partners, the joy and the right motivation to train physically in the fall and ski off all winter long. Verbier is where I competed in my first freeski event and where I reached the peak of my racing career winning the Verbier Xtreme on the famous Bec Des Rosses. There I like to ski off the summit especially when I’m not competing but just to share a day riding some of it’s great lines with friends. Steep exposed terrain, but also easy and mellow, the surroundings of Verbier make it one of my favorite resorts in the world. Don’t miss the episode #1 in the Dolomites, coming out April 2nd!

Enjoy it!






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