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Turns 'n Curves: episodes #1 Le Dolomiti

Cortina d’Ampezzo in one of the most beautiful resorts in the hart of the Dolomites and I had the luck to grow up and learn to ski there. Since I was a little girl on the beginner slopes of my backyard I literally fell in love with skiing and managed to carry out that same passion since the present days. The Dolomites beside being a wonderful landscape filled with incredible looking peaks, are also hiding some amazing ski lines and couloirs that carve the big walls for thousand meters at the time.

The vicinity of the towns, roads and lifts, combined with the few people looking for that kind of thrill, makes these mountains a perfect playground for ski mountaineering. As an Italian, that lived there, I feel really rooted to those mountains, the people and to its culture and I found myself absolutely comfortable scrambling around ridges and valleys with the skis on my feet or hanging on my backpack.
The slow Italian rhythms and the coffee brakes make me relax and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere with no rush. The lines I choose to ski are not the popular ones so there is no need to race to be the first at the top of the line. There, I usually ski first tracks anyway…




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