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Summits4kids donations

We need your help to support the humanitarian projects that SUMMITS4KIDS has carefully selected.

S4K finances specific, small, and local humanitarian associations. In the future, we aim at involving new projects as well as continuously supporting the ones we already work with.

Our philosophy is simple and focused:

  • Every donation made to SUMMITS4KIDS goes a 100% and directly to the local humanitarian projects that we have chosen to help.
  • Only exception to this is SUMMITS4KIDS using a minor amount of funds to pay the running cost of the association itself, such as costs of its mailing service, website etc. at the end of each year.
  • All athletes participating in a S4K project pay their own travel expenses and actively help to create a fundraising network.

In order to make a donation to SUMMITS4KIDS you can make a bank transfer to:

Summits4Kids e.V.
IBAN: CH51 0900 0000 1216 48383

If you would like to support a specific project that we helped in the past or that we are currently helping, please specify the name of the association or the project on your payment cause. More details on the Summit4Kids website.




Summits4Kids is a non-profit association born from the will to make a little difference in the inequalities of today's world.

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