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Patagonia 2007

This trip in Patagonia marked the beginning of my mountaineering passion. Coming from a non extremely adventurous family, the winter camping, the exploration, the fact of moving and skiing in total autonomy in some of the most remote places in the planet, was all new for me, but as I expected it was love at first sight! The friend and half-local Marcello Cominetti, brought me there in 2007, with the goal of skiing the Mariano Moreno, a 3200m tall peak in the middle of the Hielo Continental glacier. In 10 day we head in and out of the glacier, reaching the summit and skiing down our goal. It was a simple success that I will always remember. I have never had ever again such a heavy backpack!

Photo credit: Marcello Cominetti and Giulia Monego




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