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NE de Les Courtes. A January touring day in Chamonix.


In January I don’t usually go often to Chamonix, (often too cold for touring and no need to leave Verbier to ski good pow!), but this year, seams like there isn’t much snow ANYWHERE, so one the only stash to find some fresh snow, is up high, like in the Argentiere basin for example.

Last catch up on the best month of the season!

Hey everybody i have some stories to tell you!

As i might said it before, the spring is my favourite time of the season, it always inspire me for more incredible ski descents, and to climb new mountains.
This year i went from some of the most beautifull places on Earth back to back! Chamonix France, Alaska, Chamonix!
Before leaving for AK i went ski touring in the sunny Alpine weather to do some new steep descents i haven't skied before and enjoy the warm weather. We skied the Col des Courtes and the Epaule of Mt Mallet for instance and in both times we had great weather and fairly good snow.

News through the winter

After some good month of skiing in Verbier and in the Dolomites we’re entering February, usually rich in precipitations. The plan for this month will be filming and shooting for the Girls European Ski Movie, a slide show in Lissone ITA for Sport Specialist shop on the 4th, coaching in Cervinia the Kaestle Adventure Tour from the 10th till the 14th , and more shooting around Verbier. We’ll see if I can come up with some surprises through out the month. Follow me also on Twitter @giuliamonego

Merry Xmas from Verbier!

Merry Xmas from Verbier!
Here I am back again for one more exciting season in Verbier!
Here the snow it's starting to fall heavily and it's gradually covering out all the best terrain to ski on. Powder-extreme it's operating 100% and I'm enjoying taking my first clients of the season out for some great powder skiing.
If you are thinking to come visit me, check the new Powder-extreme website.
Merry Xmas and happy holidays to everyone.
Ciao Giulia

North America

Here I am, after the first few turns in the Alps, i flew across the ocean to hunt for better snow. The first stop was in Whistler BC, where i teamed up with Ingrid, Sage, Dana, Adam, Ian, Matty.... and those beautiful people! I had an awesome time, and even if the powder wasn't really powder anymore, i had some good skiing.
Then on sunday we took off and drove with Ingrid, which is an unbelievable driver, to San Francisco bay. 19 hours later we were in San Leandro ready for 3 days of meetings with the TNF people. Awesome time as usual, good times with the old team mates and incredible new entries. The boat party was super cool, and AnaSia deejaying was sick!
Now i'm in Squaw Valley at Ingrid's place, getting ready for some exercise, skin up some nearby hill, and have some good food for dinner.
I love it!

Parma, Italy. My first slide show evening!

Since I came back from the successful trip in China, I've been preparing my first public evening, presenting a slide show and some footages. ?The kind request came from the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) in Parma, who offered me to be one of their guest in the "Verso l'Alto" review held on the anniversary of the CAI section. ?To give you a little taste of what I'm going to show, i can tell you that it will be an introduction of myself, as a skier, and a deeper look into the Summits4kids project, with photos and videos.?This unique idea of combining freeski-mountaineering with charity toward young Peruvian kids, is born within me and my two friends whom were with me in Peru last July, with the intent of helping disadvantaged boys and girls less lucky than us. ?For more information about the Parma review, clik here .?To donate and know more about Summits4Kids, clik here.

Everybody is welcome to come listen to me in Parma, I hope to find a large audience!
Thanks, ciao!

In search of Shangri La

After a long and propitiatory trekking for acclimatization in the Shangri La area, in the cinese region of Yunnan, the The North Face team's athlets Giulia Monego, Ingrid Backstrom, Kasha Rigby and Jimmy Chin, moved to the region of Sichuan to try to climb and ski down one of the satellite peaks of the Minya Konga Mountains, the Reddomaine, 6112m.The day 9/29, once settled down the Base Camp at 4500m, on the bank of the beautiful morainic lakeat the base of the West Face glacier, the team got acclimatized and got ready for the climb.
After several days of unstable weather, spent by looking at the mountain, the West ridge seemed to be the most desirable way to try the ascent.The day 10/5, after spending the night at the Camp 1 at 5200m, the team reached the summit later in the afternoon, after a long ascent slowed down by the abundant fresh snow accumulated during the past days.The descent by ski, the first ever, had no problems just forcing them to take the skis off only on a couple of tracts along the rocky ridge and letting them ski down a total drop of 1400m.


An important project is starting this week in Peru.?It's name is Summits4Kids. It's a sport achievement combined with a charity porpose. ?We are 3 girls, professional skiers, Laura Bohleber, Marja Persson and myself, together with a photographer (Klaus Kranebitter) who are going to attempt to climb and ski some of the high mountains of the Cordillera Blanca. ?This mountain range is the highest in the Americas, and host some of the most beautiful 6000m peaks on earth.?We will focus on Tocllaraju, Urus, Ischinca and the legendary Artesonraju. If we will succed in skiing them it will be already a fantastic succes, but what we are expecting is to bring some concrete help to the organizations we chose for this project.

Chamonix days...

Chamonix offers always some amazing powder skiing when having the time and the patience to wait for the right conditions. This spring i had some amazing powder turns in many beautifull descents, as the Spencer couloir at the Aguille de Blaitière, the Glacier de la Noire, the North face of the Tour Ronde.
To end the skipass season in a good way, we also ski some spring snow down from the Mt.Blanc summit, along the West face! The list of runs will continue next year for sure, and i'm already looking forwart to it!


...if you're asking yourself where the hell are those islands, take an arctic map, and look a little lower than the North Pole, at about 80° of latitude towards Norway. Here they are.
A small archipelago of islands, which the biggest is named Spitzbergen.
Emilio, Damiano il Brac and myself landed in Longyearbyen on the 7th of May, ready to take off for the wild.
Our itinerary started 180km north from the village, where some snowmobile took us there the first day. Then from there we could only count on our strenght to walk back to town.


February is the perfect month to make 4 turns in India!?Destination Gulmarg, ski resort of J&K region. ?It has a lift that reach 4000m, the perfect statrting point for some amazing runs! ?Myriam, Laura, Geraldine and me are the girl team travelling to this beautiful region, not without our favourite guide though, John Falkiner!?John is already there, preparing our welcome gift: 50cm of fresh powder!It's exactly what we need to shread and to shoot on!
The whole week we check out all the secret stashes that John knows, and we ski the best powder in the best light. ?The shooting goes well and Myriam is really inspired!?We move around with the lift, the skins and the taxis.?It's a totally different skiing experience here! ?We visit a small village at the foot of the hills, where the elecrticity has still a long way to come... but where the welcoming tradition is stronger then ever.?We met nice people, and get to know a bit the story of the region. ?It all sounds so interesting from our point of view, so different, that make me wanna go back.?On the way back to Delhi we stopped in Srinagar, sleeping on a houseboat on the lake.?Visiting the floating vegetables market at sunrise, was the last perfect touch of an amazing trip. ?
Good bye India, we had a beautiful time!

Italian powder!

3 fantastis days of powder, was exactly was i needed after the craziness of Verbier holidays!? The occasion was the photoshhoting for The North Face, with Damiano Levati. The location: Italy, Gressoney, "freeride paradise". ?I arrived at Damiano's on wednesday night, and the forecast was for more snow the next day. It has already snowed 40cm in Milan... so we drive up with good expectations.? The bad visibility let us ski only in the trees, but the consistency of the snow is something really unexpected.?
Champagne powder, and a lot of it! 50cm or more over a 2 meter base perfectly stable... we couldn't ask for more!? The day is epic, we couldn't stop skiing not even for a coffee... and in Italy we have GOOD coffees!!!?
We skied untill the lifts were closed and the others members of the TNF team joined us for dinner.? Good food good wine, wonderful people, and 2 great days ahead of us! ?I won't explain the quality of the skiing the next day, i will let some pics do the talking.?

Merry Xmas

Just a quick text to wish you all a great time during the holidays, a Merry Xmas and a great beginning of 2009!
Ciao, Giulia


I'm really happy to annuounce my new sponsorship with Garmont. Since last year I've been using their boots, and with no doubt, I found the perfect fit for my feet and way of skiing. I'm so glad to start this collaboration also because Garmont, in it's big range of products, offers me 3 differents boots for all the disciplines: Shaman for freeriding, Radium for mountaineering and Elektra for telemarking. I'm stoked.
Thanks go to Damiano Menegon for his support and trust. Bye.

Vacanze Americane

Non sempre i viaggi oltreoceano rispondono alle aspettative… e questa volta è stato proprio il caso. Ora vi racconto com’è andata la mia ultima avventura.
Quando in Novembre Emilio (Previtali) ed io ci siamo messi d’accordo per prenderci un periodo di tempo per fare quattro curve in USA non ci saremmo mai aspettati che per una volta nella storia… l’inizio stagione sarebbe stato così povero di neve laggiù, e così incredibilmente abbondante di qua dell’acqua. Il fatto è che in US ci saremmo dovuti andare comunque, e per una piacevole occasione: Il ritrovo annuale con tutti gli atleti del team globale della The North Face.
L’occasione è incentivo per scambiarsi idee, ascoltare cosa di bello ci raccontano i responsabili marketing e dei vari settori, ma soprattutto affascina ritrovarsi con alcuni dei più grandi alpinisti e leggende dello sci, magari ballando con un Margarita in mano o giocando a bowling.


In a record time of only 3 days, Emilio and myself finish the skydive course! Now that I have the log book, I can jump in any other drop zone. I like it! I'm so excited that I kept my promise, and that I have a new excuse to travel around!

Waiting for the winter...

Since years i promise myself, that I would have finished the skydive course before the end of 2008. Now, here I am, in Empuriabrava, Spain, to keep my promise. Today we're not jumping because of the strong wind, but tomorrow I hope to be up and down like a grass hopper!To be continued...

Back on skis!

From the 3rd till the 5th of November I’ve been in Austria in Saalfelden, for The North Face sales meeting. It was really interesting, not only for having seen the new fall 09 collection, which looks amazing!, but mostly because the 4th was my first day on skis since surgery! It’s unbelievable that has been already seven months since last time I skied. It felt weird sliding again, but the knee felt strong and not painful at all. I’m stoked!
I even tried to test it on the dancing floor for the big party the same evening, but I couldn’t make it swollen… it has been such a great respond!I have to thank all the Doctors and physiotherapists that took care of me during this long recovery, and most of all the people that had to wait for me when I was walking on crouches!I am currently working on new projects for 2009, and now I know I can bring them on with no worries for the knee!I will keep you updated, and don’t forget to visit my website again soon. It will be updated with a lot of new pictures, video, press area and links.


On the 31st of October I’ll be in Modena for the Skipass tradeshow, the biggest and most important in Italy, for what concern the ski industry. I’ll be at the Kästle stand, where we will present the new MX 108 in 186 cm, my new powder ski! If you’re curious take a look at the

Old new news

Sorry I haven’t updated my website with news since the knee injury in April… Let’s see what happened during these months... 2nd of May Innsbruck, Austria, Doc Fink and his saint hands, replaced the old ACL with the new patella tendon. Surgery went extremely well, I start physiotherapy immediately after in Cortina. 15th of June Capbreton, France, I spent 4 weeks of hard and intense work out in the CERS (Centre Europeén de reeducation du Sportif). The staff there took good care of me, and I get out of it as a new person. Knee progression amaze me every day more, I’m stoked!
As I’m back in Cortina I can start the outdoor entrainment: road biking, sport climbing and long classic routes, hiking, paragliding, MTB, and kite surfing on the lake. By the end of the summer I fully recover my mobility in any activity. Parallel to this I keep going to the gym, unfortunately…. Where to see improvements I really have to sweat out my ass..! Now after almost 6 months I feel ready to go skiing, and I can’t wait! I’ll let you know how it goes.Keep tuned more news on the way.

Forget about skiing.... for a while!

Here we are at the end of the season. I still had many good projects for the spring and summer, but the 3rd of April my knee said ENOUGH!? I was on my canadian trip, that as been awesome, but on a pillow-line day i failed a landing and my knee punished me hardly. I missed only the last day of heli, so it wasn't too bad.? Once arrived back to CH i checked the knee and it resulted a possible tear of the ACL and a broken meniscus. Tipical skier injury! Nothing new for my right knee. I had the same operation in 2000! ?Now i'll have to fix it well, and to do that i'm gonna see a Doc in Austria, hoping he's doing a better job this time!?
Happy end of the season to everyone.? See u soon.
??PS: com'on Jeremy we are all with you!

5°place at the Freeride World Tour

Last weekend in Verbier, took place the last stop of the Freeride World Tour 2008.? Due to the snow instability, unfortunately we couldn't ride the famous Bec des Rosses, the face that everybody waited for. The day before the even, in fact a huge avalanche clear the whole face leaving only hard snow and rock behind. The organisators so chose another face, and we skied the Mt. Gelè instead, a nice face within the ski area, shorter than the Bec, but that offered nice lines and cliffs to jump. ?I didn't skied at my best and couldn't jump much, due to a bone bruse in the knee, so i got a 5th place.
?The other girls skied well and stick theyr lines perfectly, so was a good battle for the podium.? The comp has been won by Elyse, followed by Jesse and then Marja.
?Overall in the Tour, i finished 5th as well and here r the results:? 1 Elyse Saugstad USA 6000 p?2 Jesse Mc Millan USA 5400 p?3 Marja Persson SWE 5000 p?4 Caroline Meynet FRA 4900p?.
Next year the tour is gonna start in Japan, and i'll be there with a lot of health and power!?
For more info on the FWT click

...Canada, I'm coming!

Before starting the spring mountaineering season, i thought i needed to ski some more powder!
So in 3 days i'm leaving for Whistler and then to Smithers, far far north, where the grizzlies will give us the welcome! The photographer Peter Mathis, 2 other riders of the Kastle team and myself, will go heliskiing with Skeena, where we will have a Heli just for us to ski, shoot and film!
I can't complain.... Hopefully i'll update the gallery soon!
Keep tuned. CIAO

Second place in Tignes, now comes Verbier!

Tignes, France, the 4th stop of the Freeride World Tour.? Last saturday was a beautifull day, the view from the top of Pramecou face was gorgeous.? Everything flow fast and with no stress, the snow on the face was good on the top and got harder with the sluff of the riders later in the day, but was still decent skiing with bib 48! ?I choose a nice line that not a lot of peple took before me, and skied it nicely at the top. The last part i lost the concentration and skied down not very fluidly, and too contract on my legs.?
Anyway my run was considered the second best of the girls so i was super happy for the result. First place got to the tour leader Elyse Saugstad, a talented Alaskan girl, nice surprise of the season. Third finished Carolline Meynet.? The men, as usual charged down the mountain like crazy. I saw some really impressive lines and jumps, like the big front flip at the top rock taken from Tato, the Argentinian friend, or the spectacular speed of Aurelien's run.?
Now i'm back home in Verbier, resting and getting ready for the Xtreme! Nice, i can't wait to ride the Bec.?
Keep in touch for the next updates, and remember that you can see the Verbier Xtreme of the 14-16th of March live on .?

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