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Powder Award nomination!


A really unexpected surprise came while i was in Japan last week.

I've been nominated for a Powder Award as best female performance 2012, for my micro segment in the Free Radical movie, The sunny Side.
What an achievement for someone that wasn't even expected to be part of the movie! Thanks to Giudo Perrini and Xavier De Le Rue for the opportunity to film with them and to Free Radicals for putting together my segment for the movie!

Check out the streaming evening on the Powder website

Thanks to all.

Foto of the week!


National Geographic chose one of Christian Pondella's photo for the Extreme Photo of the week!

WOW i'm on it!

Thanks Christian and Mary Ann for the great honor!

Check it out here

Happy holidays!


Happy Holidays, and all my best wishes for a great 2012!

I'm currently skiing in Verbier where i'm guiding some lucky clients for Powder-extreme, in the perfect snow conditions of this beginning of winter. Weather is sunny now as well.



Serata in compagnia a S.Vito

Sono lieta di annunciare la mia presenza al San VitOutdoor, rassegna di film e fotografie di montagna organizzata dal CAI di San Vito.

La proiezione si svolgerà Sabato 19 Novembre ore 21.00 alla sala congressi di San Vito.

Via spetto numerosi!

Grazie Giulia


More media...


More publications in the USA

This year the medias have been really nice and interested on our stories! Wow, what an honor!
Thanks a lot to the great job that Christian Pondella did and Powder magazine for the amazing visibility! You will find the pdf the on the page "In the media" under "Giulia" menu or by clicking here

Thank you. Enjoy!

In the media


Latest media coverage.

I would like to thank Backcountry Magazine and especially Devon O'neill for the beautiful ITW published on the November issue that you will find on the page "In the media" under "Giulia" menu or by clicking here
I would like also to thank Alo Belluscio for the opportunity to publish the article about Bolivia on the Digimag of the last issue of

Thank you. Enjoy!

New Zealand part TWO


Mt Aspiring.

My most wanted skiing goal in NZ was surely the ski from the summit of Mt Aspiring 3033m. Its West face stands out for its beauty and the skiable line it’s pure esthetic. The shape of the mountain remind of a “Matterhorn of the South”, so no doubts that even the climbing will be a good challenge. The weather here in New Zealand, and especially up in the mountains it’s famous for being changeable, severe when bad and very windy, but when it’s good….. it can’t be any better! That’s what we were hoping for.

New Zealand part ONE


This year it finally became “my year” to go visit New Zealand.

It has been for so long on the “to do“ list that it became almost an obsession. Finally all the star convergences worked well this summer, and I got a great partner to go with: Patrick! OFF WE GO!

Chamonix Adventure Film Festival

Summits4kids at the Chamonix Adventure Film Festival!

Summer action


Mountaineering in the Alps

In the summer when I look the mountains that I generally ski in the winter I don’t feel attracted to them at all. They look so bad without snow that I don’t have any will to go any near them. Those beautiful lines I ski in the winter aren’t there in the dry stony terrain. Everything looks messed up, and incoherent. Nothing looks so obvious and clean as covered in snow, the terrain looks hostile and harsh.

Bolivia dispatch #4


The Illimani mission, a different success!

The last mountain project we decided to hit in the last few days left, was the Illimani. This mountain is the second highest mountains in Bolivia and it’s probably the most impressive. It’s west face, with its long summits ridge it’s visible from far away, and from every other corner of La Paz streets. The summit reaches 6438m and it’s a great objective to ski from, since none of us has ever reached that elevation before.

Bolivia dispatch #3


The Huayna Potosi French direct, finally the reward came.

The patience and the time spent in La Paz organizing the transports the maps, the hotel reservation, the huts logistic, the hunt for healthy food, after the scary chicken poison, the heavy backpack, the dog bite….. came to a final rewarding satisfaction that made all the pains much more bearable now.

Bolivia dispatch #2


Pequeno Alpamayo, first ski-summit.

Last week we finally took off for the first days out camping in the mountains. The destination was the Condoriri region, where five-thousends meters peaks will be surrounding us for few days.

Bolivia dispatch #1


La Paz and acclimatization days.

Arriving in La Paz took my breath away. Not only ‘cause we landed at about 3900m above see level, but mostly because the view over the mountains was stunning. An incredible welcome to Bolivia. As a mountaineer, it’s a pleasure to be able to see your objectives right from the first day and have a good view from the plane, especially when what you’re looking for are white slopes.

Expedition time


It took me 5 days to complete my packing, and it was more stressful and complicated than usual.

Each time I leave for some skiing trip, I tell myself that I should be now 100% efficient and not stress too much, but in the end, every time I have to get my bag full with ski-climbing gear I get excited and forget something!

This time the packing included specific items that I never packed before… that I will need in my second part of the trip.

Become a bone marrow donator, i did!


Last week in Aosta hospital, i donate my blood for the first analysis to become a bone marrow donator.

I'm really excited to be able to do something good for others, with such little effort.
I feel that everyone in their life should consciously commit themselves in some kind of action in order to help others.
It feel so good to be able to help someone else in real need, with simple action like it could be a blood donation or a bone marrow one, or even giving your solidarity to help projects like Summits4kids.

Climbing mood

imageIt’s April, but I’m sad! Usually this is my favorite time of the year, but this 2011 has been the exception.
I’m missing too many things, from the best ski partner, to the snow… so I decided to keep myself busy climbing and biking. The Aosta Valley and the Bagnes region have been my playground lately, offering nice company!! and good rock climbing. I avoided Chamonix… too much emptiness there this year.

Monviso, Italian summit!

imageLast week the weather seamed perfect to climb a mountain, and I didn’t let go the opportunity to go on a little adventure and explore a new place. The Monviso seamed the best option to climb and ski something interesting and adventurous. In reality we had a lot of beta on the face, but none of has been there before.

Patrick wanted to summit it for a long time and when I checked the photos of the North face I immediately got excited for the 1000m long couloir skiable from 50m below the summit.

Derby De La Meije

imageThis year, due to the lack of fresh and old snow in the mountains where I usually ski in the spring, I decided to take a vacation and enjoy the fun atmosphere of La Grave.
This place amazed me each year more.
I arrived on Thursday late morning, convinced that the derby was held on Saturday! I don’t know why, since it’s the 23rd time that is help on a Friday!

Aiguille de l'Encrenaz


This week in Val Des Bagnes the weather has been, as usual, warm and sunny. I've never seen a winter like this: very few and small storms hit our region and basically in the last 3 months we had only 3 significant snow dump

Chamonix often get the same snowstorm as Verbier, and, as logic suggest, even there this winter has been really dry. Touring in spring weather though is still something that i like to do, so on Wednesday I meet up with Dave and John to go skiing the North-East couloir of the Aiguille de L'Encrenaz, in the Aiguilles Rouges area.

Succesful Charity concert for Summits4kids!

imageA big thanks to all the participants of the charity nigh in Verbier.

It was a chill evening with good music and nice people.

A special thanks to Laura Bohleber for her organization skills, to Marie-Claire for letting us party in the best bar in town!

Between the second hand sale, the lottery and the entries the money raised was 2500chf!!! that will benefit Talita Kumi the Ecuadorian association helping young girls form Quito. More on
A huge THANKS again from all the Summits4kids team.

PS: a big hug to Marja Persson that got injured in USA few weeks ago that finally today is flying back home! As one of the founders of S4K, and as a rider of the Xtreme, she would have loved to be there too! We missed you Marge!

Summits4kids presents: Charity concert at the Crock No Name!

imageVerbier 21st March from 19:00 slideshow of the last Summits4kids expedition in Ecuador 2010 and charity sale of skiing equipment.

From 21:00 Jacko in concert live.

Special guests: several rider of the Verbier Xtreme and Mc Fly playing his guitar!

Entry 10CHF, to benefit Talita Kumi the Ecuadorian association helping young girls form Quito. More on
To not miss!

A special guest in the Dolomites

imageLiving in Switzerland away from the mountains where I grew up around, is increasing even more the sweet feeling I have when I go back skiing in the Dolomites!
This kind of terrain, landscape and atmosphere is totally unique. You don’t find anywhere in the planet rideable couloirs so long, steep, and esthetic like here. The privilege of being the first track on every single couloir I skied in the last 3 years I’ve come here, is rare and huge. I skied here for pleasure the past years, but this time I came to Cortina with a different objective: produce some killer images with the Dream Team!

Fire and Ice on the Etna

imageAfter  few weeks spent checking the forecast all over Europe, here I see it… the big storm!
It's hitting down south… real south. Etna will get dumped! It’s time to pack a small bag and take off for Sicily. Back to my mother country!
It feels strange to not have been there before, but as usual, “tropical” location like the Sicilian volcano has to be hit right after the storm, and I never had the right timing before.

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