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March...back in action!

Here we are... already end of February... has been a good month for resting my knee and get back in shape. I'm skiing again here in Verbier, strong as before, working as a guide and teaching my clients how to ski hard snow and mogles.? I wish we could ski some more powder recently.... but like everywhere in the Alps, the warm weather is insisting to melt the good snow we had in January.
?No worries though, I'm confident in some new cold storm coming soon, dumping light flakes over the spring snow! ?My next plans for March are: 8-14th in Tignes -France- world tour event, that will qualify the best riders for the final in Verbier. Even if not qualify, points wise, due to my knee injury, i had a wild card to ride in France. I'm super happy to be able to compete again, and i'm willing to do my best to deserve one place for the final on the Bec des Rosses.?
Hope to give you more good news soon, ciao.

Health, first of all!

After the american trip my knee was still too sore to be good, so i went to see a doctor in Innsbruck. After MRI and X-rays here what i found out: bone bruise and little crack on the tibia.? Not too good but could have been worse. Legaments and meniscus are fine! ?Result: three weeks of rest. ?Consequences: skip the second stop of the World Tour in Sochi, and a photo shooting in the Dolomites for Powder Magazine.? Better to think of healing....
?Check my next activities, hopefully soon! Ciao

First stop, Mammoth Challenge USA

The first event of the Freeride World Tour 08 finally took place on the 25th of Jan in Mammoth USA. After been postponed for 3 days, the contest took place regularly in two runs in a smaller venue in Mammoth ski area. The original Mt Mc Gee face, 1000m vertical drop, was looking very bad, snow wise, and wasn't considered safe and fare from the riders to have a contest there. The second option was to have to comp in one of the qualifier faces in the resort, Oh Shit, that's the name!
The venue is smaller and shorter, but offers enough interesting lines. Man were charging, and the level of the first 5 skiers was really impressive.

I wasn't in a good shape, my left knee was still painfull from an accident in Italy 2 days before my departure from Europe. I gave it a try and i was at the start like the others. My lines was unfortunately rocky but with the light powder of the previous days, i didn't realise it intill i hit rocks with my tails that put me out of balance and make fall all the way down a rocky shoot. The fall was spectacular but luckyly with no bad consequences, apart for the knee that get more painfull and stop me to start on the second run. I ended up 6th, and Jesse Mc Millan won. Skiers men was Seb Michaud that finished first with a crazy drop in the second run. Geraldine Fasnacht and Alex Coudray won for the snowboards. For more infos click

The season is on!

The winter has started really nicely in the western Alps so far. We got a good base of snow early in the sason in Verbier, and even in this moment it's snowing hard! Tomorrow great day of pow, to not miss!
Next week i'll be leaving for the States, in Mammoth, CA, where we're having the first event of the Freeride World Tour. Cheer for me! I'll keep you updated with the results.
Enjoy skiing! Ciao!

Mission accomplished!

The Patagonian expedition at the Mariano Moreno, is going really well!
With the luck of the weather me and Marcello, once we reached the base camp at the base of the Moreno, that took us about a week, we left the morning of the 14th November for the summit.
We climbed the 2000m vertical of this huge mountain, with not big difficulties, reaching the summit just in time, before the weather started changing. Due to te bad visibility and the snow conditions, we couldn't ski the most difficult line along the east ridge, but we had enough trouble finding our way down trough the big crevasses 3 quarters of the way down. The skiing was emotional!
The whole experience was unbelivable and as my first experience in such a vaste territory as the Hielo Contiental, was exciting and unforgettable!

Thanks to Marcello that guided me there, now i'm resting in the village El Chalten, getting ready for the next expedition....
Stay tuned for next happenings!

Expedition to Mariano Moreno mountain, Hielo Patagonico Sur

I left for my first South American expedition! ?This is my first time in Patagonia, and i’m going to ski a gigantic mountain called Mariano Moreno 3450m, in the middle of the glacier Hielo Patagonico Sur. I am taken by an experienced mountain guide, a friend, named Marcello Cominetti, originally from Genova, but now living in the Dolomites, where he travels and works for his company Guide Star Mountain.
?I am in Argentina from the 4th till the 29th of November, with the goal of climbing Moreno mountain from the east face, trying afterwards to ski the steepest face along the route Bonatti-Mauri or 1958…
The idea is to film and shoot, then to edit everything in a promotion video, that you will know about it more at my return.
We will depend a lot on the weather, as everybody know, Patagonia is famous for bad weather, so keep the finger crossed for us, and wish us a good trip!!?
Keep tuned for further informations.

New Freeride World Tour

Here we go with a new entry of 2007/08! We were all waiting for this!
The FWT, organized by the team coordinated by Nicolas Hale Wood, will start on January 22nd with the first stop in California, with the Nissan Mammoth Challenge untill the 26th.
Then will continue in Russia, with the Nissan Caucasus Classic in Sochi from January 31st till February 5th. From this first 2 stops there will be a selections of riders qualifying for the next stops that will be the Swatch O'Neill Big Mountain Pro a moving contest in the Alps, from February 24th till March 5th and the Nissan Freeride de Tignes in France from the 9th to12th of March. The Final will be the Nissan O'Neill Xtreme in Verbier 14th to 23rd of March, on the mithic Bec Des Rosses face.
I will be one of the 4 girls invited to participate at the first 2 events, but obviously, my goal is to arrive home, in Verbier!
For more infos clik

New Sponsors…

From this year i’m very proud to announce that i become part of the The North Face team!? I thank from now all the people that get to work immediatly to organize my schedules and to make me feel part of the team, expecially Marianna Zanatta, that i fell knowing her for a long time, but i met only in September!
Not only clothing but new skies and boots as well!? From this winter infact i’ll be part of the super new Kästle team. The brand it’s everything but new, but it changed owners, and get back to its origins in Austria. ?It’s oriented in freeride and has a nive chose of big mountain skis.?The boots will be Garmont, the new freeride model.? Thank to Sigfried Rumpfhuber for the opportunity.

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